September 2014 Price List


1 subject (8” x 10”) B/W $80.00
1 subject (11” x 14”) B/W $95.00
2 subject (8” x 10”) B/W $110.00
2 subject (11” x 14”) B/W $125.00

Groups of three or more – $75.00 per subject (size of group portrait will vary according to number in your group. If you want a specific size, please specify.)


$6.00 per square inch

8×10 $480.00
10×10 $600.00
9×12 $648.00
11×14 $824.00

Priority Mail shipping $8.00. I ship everything USPS priority mail. If you prefer UPS, let me know.

To get the best likeness of your subject, I like to work from studio portraits, if possible, because the lighting is usually very good. An 8” x 10” photograph is ideal. Outdoor photos shot in light shade are an excellent resource. Please send a couple of other photos, so I can see the subject from different angles and get a feeling for their personality. I need two to four weeks to complete a portrait. Please let me know when you need the it so I can get it to you a couple of weeks before you want to present it. You may want extra time to have it professionally framed.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Each portrait I create is special to me, as I hope it is to you. I look forward to serving you in the future, and please spread the word.